Making a donation is simple. Use the link below to make a donation through Paypal’s secure payment processing system.



Once a year (typically in the Spring), we invite people to volunteer in restoration efforts . Dates will be posted on the Facebook page and here on the website. We have received immense support from both fraternity members of Phi Kappa Sigma of University of Maryland, Baltimore County and sorority members of Delta Phi Epsilon of University of Maryland, Baltimore County.



Annual membership in the Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. is available to individuals and families. The individual membership fee is $25 per year for individuals and $40 for families (June to June). The membership provides for discounts on materials, Lodge activities, eligibility in our programs, and copies of our newsletter.

To become a member, sign up here (you can cancel anytime) or submit your dues annually to The Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. c/o C. Jeanne Táborský at 6333 Summercrest Drive, Columbia, MD 21045. Please include your name, address, phone number, and email address.

For additional information, please call 410-309-3145 or contact us.


Our Committees


Grand Lodge Board of Directors of the Bohemian National Cultural Center

Caryl Jeanne Táborsky, Roger Táborský, Thomas Miskimon, Eva Slezak  


Grand Lodge Officers

President- C. Jeanne Taborsky
Vice President- Eva Slezak
Vice President of Cemetery Affairs- Tom Miskimon
Secretary- Christina Condon
Treasurer- Tylre Reamer


Historical Committee

Caryl Jeanne Táborsky, Eva Slezak, Valerie Sayer, Irene Siefel, John Vanko, Carolyn Kulisheck


Membership Committee

Christina Condon


Restoration and Preservation Committee

Caryl Jeanne Táborsky, Brian Reamer, Tom Miskimon, Roger Táborský, Ty Reamer, Liza Horti


Grounds and Landscaping

Betty Joy Killian, Thomas Miskimon, Caryl Jeanne Táborsky, Brian Reamer, Ty Reamer and Liza Horti



Caryl Jeanne Táborský, Eva Slezak, Carolyn Kulisheck, John Vanko


Newsletter and publications editorial staff- 410-836-2262 

Christinia Condon, John Vanco, Liza Horti, Caryl Jeanne Táborsky


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